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Millie joined us in the summer of 2015 as a junior in the Digital Account Management team. Her prior experience in 5 star hospitality gave her a unique set of skills in dealing with people, after all our clients are all people!

We thought it’d be a good idea to run a series of articles on life inside the nerdy world of Bread, we hope you enjoy.


I’m Millie, Bread Digital’s new addition!

Most of my life has been spent working in Hospitality, where customer service and military rules are at the forefront of the business. So me stepping into the big world of business was hardly on the top of my bucket list; but at the same time, it was all I wanted to do. Confusing right?

Then one day it hit me, why should I hold back anymore? I should just take the plunge; it can’t be that bad. That’s when Bread Digital came along. My first day; walking into an office I was prepared to be a sponge, I was going to take in every tiny piece of information fed to me like a child prodigy (that was way beyond childhood).

As the weeks went past, I felt I was picking things up very slowly but surely.

Honestly, I learnt there is nothing really to be afraid of! Our company can literally do it all, I found myself looking for solutions to every client’s needs and wants, because that’s just how we roll in the office.

I am part of the Digital Account Management team, of which there are 3 of us; myself, Leigh and Lauren. Lauren is the boss of it all and manages to reel off heaps of information to us ‘sponges’. We have a great IT team, who might get tired of us calling their names, but never complain and always get the job done!

Plus, who can pass up an hour’s explanation about coding a website? (actually I can)

Now I have learnt why companies use us to their advantage to grow their business. I never even realised how much work goes into what happens behind the scenes of a website (and how much code)!

Not only that, but once you’ve had the website built and developed, you still need somewhere to host, maintain and test the site. It’s a lot of things to take care of all at once. Thankfully our herd of nerds has that covered too!

Once you’ve got the website nailed, its onto Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Outreach. Don’t run away yet! This is the fun bit.

Ever wondered who controls the accounts for big brands and names or even small businesses that are local to you? Well 9 times out of 10 it will be a web agency just like us!

I’ve found it so interesting how we could be given the responsibility of optimising a company’s social media in order to reach a certain number of people, to bring them more business. Posting on social media might be a thing of daily occurrence to you, but posting for other people proves to be hard at times. I have learnt you need to be aware of your target audience, do A LOT of research and make sure your posts are relevant to the date, the month, the year, even the time of day.

Being able to engage several audiences all at once is very rewarding and also a lot of hard work! But it is worth it completely when the client sees results.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation sounds very daunting; it’s a highly specialised service that also involves A LOT of research combined with several years worth of experience. Ever done a Google search? I’m sure you have. Then you will have looked at the results of a business’s SEO. All those links that come up at the top? They are the highest ranked in Google.

A Digital Agency will have made sure the correct keywords are embedded in the website’s content, there are tonnes of relevant links to the website and all the names of the different pages on the site are relevant to what a customer may be searching; this is all to drive traffic to the site. And with a growing Social Media and Website presence, it’s going to prove harder for companies to get to the top.

Trust me, these are just a few things we do.

It’s not all cups of tea and office lunches; actually it’s totally the opposite! When I first applied for the job at a ‘Web Agency’, I thought I was going to have to learn a whole new language; and I have, but that means you don’t have to. I am now a fully fledged nerd translator!

The great thing about the company I work for is, we don’t drown you with technical terms and information you don’t understand. We are real people; not computers, so building rapport with our clients and adjusting to their level of understanding is really important.

So next time you are looking for a little technical help, whether it be a marketing campaign, some monthly maintenance or a complete rebuild of your website, don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid and be ambitious! The market moves fast so you have to be ahead of the game!

If there’s anything you have learnt, it’s that when you next look at a website; pay attention to the things that the website is telling you, the keywords, the link titles, the images. You will either become a VERY hard customer to sell to or an extremely good candidate for us!

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