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Millie joined us in the summer of 2015 as a junior in the Digital Account Management team. Her prior experience in 5 star hospitality gave her a unique set of skills in dealing with people, after all our clients are all people!

We thought it’d be a good idea to run a series of articles on life inside the nerdy world of Bread, we hope you enjoy.

On Thursday 19 November I went to the Ambition 2015 conference, it was a day full of inspiration and I got home feeling like my brain was about to burst!

These were the speakers that really inspired me.

The first speaker was Kate Lester, who prides herself on the last 3 years of her 20 something business career. She claimed that the things she did in her last 3 years were the turning point in her now multi-million-pound business. The speech, was aptly named: Just F***ing Do It!

The talk was full of inspiration. From Kate’s 4.30am wake up routine, her life was hard-core and it shows. Kate’s talk was one of my favourite, she wanted to change her life and one day just got up and did it. She never went back! Progression takes time and she explained that money doesn’t just appear overnight, it comes with constant work, effort and focusing on your goals. Kate suggested everyone draw what they want their life to be like in 10 years’ time and every day you should refer back to this image in your head and it will push you to go much further with your career. Kate described her drawing being in a nice convertible on a sunny day with the wind in her hair. The talk ended on a subject that really made me think. I do not do this as much as I should do!

“When you are faced with a challenge or get asked to do something; if it makes you feel sick, then you should GO FOR IT.”

Andy Lopata; known as one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists. He basically teaches people how to network for a living! We would all love that job, Andy. What captured me most about his talk was the art of saying Thank You. Thank You is so loosely used these days and there are tonnes of different ways to say it and excite and delight your clients, businesses or people that refer you. Whether it be finding out what the person was up to the week previous, so you know what to buy them, or simply hand delivering something instead of sending them an email. If someone knows you’ve spent the time on them, they are more likely to do the same. Perhaps next time you need to thank someone for their business, hard work or referral, you should think about what the person’s interests and likes are. So when they receive the gift they feel that you have had the time to put some real thought into the gift and it feels more sincere. What’s worse than sending a bottle of alcohol to say thank you at Christmas; when the recipient doesn’t drink?

“Connecting is not enough”


Geoff Ramm, the punchy, hilarious, enthusiasm filled marketing expert who has written many books to help you out! He explained his theory and belief of OMG Marketing. OMG does NOT stand for Oh My God, but in fact Observational Marketing Great.

Ever since his talk I have appreciated the way brands market their products much more and I am starting to realise the differences between how brands market themselves. Geoff advised you never want to be caught saying you’re the best at everything – that’s what a lot of people do when they market a business. Instead, focus on your morals and what you believe in as a brand and a company; then people are more likely to trust your brand and buy from you.

He showed us his OMG moments he has had over the years, one of which was a campaign by Wimpy. I found this one the best! You can see it here:
The backstory was, 2 ladies went into McDonald’s, one of which was blind and had a guide dog. They got asked to leave the restaurant despite persistence that they had a guide dog. Instead of Wimpy tearing McDonald’s apart in the press, they bought out a marketing campaign. By making just 15 braille burgers, they reached 800,000 sight disabled customers, letting people know that Wimpy is a place where “EVERYONE CAN FEEL AT HOME”.

A lot of big companies focus on YOU. For example, Coca Cola ‘Hello Happiness’, L’Oréal ‘Because you’re worth it’ and Nike ‘Just Do It’. These are not only taglines, but morals. This may not be new to some of you, but I found it fascinating how infectious brands are when they focus on you and not themselves.

When the competition goes one way, do you follow them or od uoy og eht rehto yaw?”

Overall, a fantastic day, with lots to take from these inspirational speakers. Thank you to all involved!

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