Connecting with your clients is the best way to promote your brand. Whether you are sharing good news, updating them on your services or telling them about your latest deals, you are keeping your business fresh in their minds.


Each of your subscribers open several opportunities to promote your brand. It could be through the power of social media or even a quick chat during lunch/networking meetings. If your email campaigns bring excitement to your reader’s inbox, then you are well on your way to potential huge brand promotion.

Subject Line

This is the first thing your recipients see, it needs to be bold enough for them to push that button and open this email that contains a world of important information.

Your readers want to know you are there for them and that what you have to say is something you personally want them to know.

Sean Platt, a renowned business blogger, said his email campaign titled “You Are Not Alone” held the highest open rate he had ever seen. It was opened by over 90% of its recipients. It is without a doubt a strong and compelling statement which achieved remarkable results.

Your Content

‘Your subject line is an invitation to dinner; you still have to cook the main course.’

Although a lot can be said for a quirky subject line, the body of your email will always be what matters to your reader. Each campaign has a purpose, whether it is to promote a service, inform your audience of a re-brand, or tell them about your Christmas specials. The goals you set out for each campaign are obvious to you and therefore your emails need to reflect this.

Logos, metaphors and a good old fashioned play on words is the kind of thing that embeds your brand in the readers mind. Your fonts and colour choices should be respectful of your brand guidelines because these are the things that people will use to remember you by. If your email includes similar formatting to your website then your site visitors will know they’re in the right place after reading your email.