We want you to get the most out of your email marketing software. So here are some of our great features that will help to promote your brand awareness, develop your customer relationships and benefit your business as a whole.


Did you know you can track your results?

  • See who has opened your campaigns at what time and how often.
  • See which subscribers forwarded their email onto their friends and colleagues and also who shared it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Which emails have bounced back and were not delivered. We will automatically remove invalid email addresses.
  • Worldview is a great live tool that can show you where in the world your campaign is being opened and by who as it happens.


Grow your audiences with subscriptions

  • Add subscribe buttons and forms to your websites/blog posts to increase your send list inevitably growing your brand awareness. A subscription will automatically be added to your list of contacts when submitted on your webpage.
  • Flexible way to keep up with the people joining your subscriber lists. You’ve got complete control over what details you’d like to know about and when.
  • Send automated emails to your subscribers.Email pic 1
  • Assign a specific date for an email to go out on for example subscription renewals/event reminders.
  • Create Anniversaries – wish your client a happy birthday!
  • Share your stuff!Your recipients can share what you send them through various social media channels using our range of available media buttons to promote your ever growing brand!eeteWatch in real-time as your subscribers talk about your company on Twitter and Facebook, and be part of the conversation. We’ll combine the social shares with everyone who forwarded your email to a friend, so you can see the true reach of your latest campaign, all in one place.