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We’re going to be posting a quick series of tutorials to allow our customers (and faithful reader, we know who you are John!)  to make the best use of our awesome email marketing software but first we’ll take the opportunity to give you our top 10 email marketing tips.

  1. Cost effective (aka cheap!) – Using email marketing vs more traditional methods, letters, leaflets etc can save you a fortune. To send to 1000 people using our email marketing software will cost you £25 (or less dependent on size of your lists, frequency of mailers etc chat to us to discuss our rates!)
  2. Brand awareness – That’s the marketing jargon bit, basically you’d have to be exceptionally lucky if you sent any sort of marketing communication out, leaflet, advert, email, standing in the street with a big banner etc to hit the target straight away, i.e your perfect customer who just happened to want your product or service at that point in time. By sending out regular (once a month or once every three months) email communications you’ll stand a far better chance of being at the forefront of your customers minds when they decide they need your product or service.
  3. Complete Automation – Aside from the standard newsletter communications you can also use email marketing to automate responses and interactions with your website, store, sign-ups etc these are all opportunities to connect and engage (enforce brand loyalty). So when a customer signs up to your newsletter you can send an automated personalised response back perhaps offering them a discount on first purchase or when a customer purchases something from your site you can send a personalised email thanking them for the purchase and an incentive to buy again, or attend an event…anything basically. It’s the personal touch that counts and delivers more transactions and interactions in the future.
  4. Caring is sharing – With a full suite of social sharing tools at your disposal you can extend the reach of all your email marketing campaigns by sharing them across Twitter, Facebook etc This means even your ‘non-signed up’ followers can engage with your content, sales messages etc
  5. Customer Segmentation – Have customers in multiple countries? have different levels of customer? With segmentation you can separate out your customer database to allow for a truly personalised experience. For example you could send your VIP customers a different communication tailored to their requirements and then another one to your main database. However you want to slice and dice your customer data it’s simple and quick to do within our software.
  6. Time saving – You can build, test and schedule deliveries from your browser,  there’s no printing costs, no endless sealing of envelopes!. You can save and reuse campaigns over and over, with a simple click of a button you can create customised professional branded communications for all of your customers.
  7. Reduce your costs – Old school methods of promotion generally requred print companies, minimum orders and staff to pack and send the communications out to customers plus somewhere to store the materials if and when they are sent. With email marketing there is none of this, you remove all the overheads and there are no physical costs at all.
  8. Launch beautiful email marketing campaigns – Design gorgeous emails that get results. With our drag-and-drop email builder you can start from a variety of professionally-designed templates and make them your own for completely branded and truly unique emails that look great on any device. If you have a custom design we can create a template bespoke from that too.
  9. Trackable Results – For every campaign you send, we provide advanced email testing tools and interactive analytics which allow you test, optimize and measure how your emails are performing in real-time. Track exactly who opened your emails, when they opened them and how many times each email was viewed by each recipient. See where in the world they are when they open it and much more.
  10. Always follow up – Most people tend to miss this part, don’t just send the email out and forget it. It’s not a fire and forget type thing like sending out a leaflet. You have all the tools available to follow up intelligently. Your customer purchased a product online? send them a follow up email with related/cross sell products on them or ask them to leave a review/feedback. By sending follow-up emails you’re showing your customers you care, increase brand loyalty and all that good stuff.

We’ll be continuing this series with a set of ‘how-to’s’ in using our email marketing software.

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