Email Marketing

Email marketing? It’s all just spam, isn’t it?

Email marketing has been unduly villainised over the past few years, however while spam filters across the Internet have gone into overdrive, users have become increasingly savvy at how they digest email communications. This presents a fine line for perfecting your email marketing techniques; if done correctly, there is massive potential to reap results from what is one of the most cost-effective online marketing methods available.


  • Share news & updates Engage your potential customers on a regular basis
  • Drive website traffic Linking to products, services & news on your site increases traffic naturally
  • Cost effective Extremely low costs compared to traditional direct marketing
  • Instant delivery No waiting for Royal Mail – emails instantly go directly to the recipient
  • Personalisation You can customise your template to address your customers by name
  • Environmentally sound No printing, no paper – so you’re doing your bit for the environment, too!

Why Use Us?

A poorly crafted email marketing campaign is destined to end up in the junk folder or not even reach your audience at all. Thankfully, we have a vast array of experience and expertise in the field of email marketing and will work with you to create a powerful strategy that generates real results.

We’ll work with you to ensure you get the best out of email marketing, integrating this with your other online or offline marketing activities in order to produce the best returns. We’re great at getting the technical side of email marketing right in order to ensure your campaigns reach your audience, and with our help we can ensure that you achieve the best results from every campaign.

The Detail

  • Emails designed and tested to work on a range of email clients, mobile and desktop
  • Specifically target different campaigns to different groups within your subscriber list using a suite of segmentation tools
  • Easy to use system so you can create and send campaigns yourself
  • Access to statistics and reports on all your marketing campaigns – you can even monitor your campaigns activity real-time across the world as it goes out!
  • Automatic updates to your database if users unsubscribe, bounce, click links etc.
  • Compliant with all applicable UK privacy laws


You don’t have to compromise on design with your standard marketing material, and there’s no reason why you should with your email marketing. We can design engaging emails or you can provide the designs and we’ll make them work!

Reporting Suite

Our email marketing software comes with a full suite of reports to allow you to analyse each of your recipients’ activity on every campaign. You can track from email delivery right through to their action on your site!

Awesome Stuff

Watch your campaigns go out live in our innovative World View, opens, click throughs and all activity displayed on a world map in real time in your browser. Share your campaigns quickly and effectively via social media, twitter and facebook extending the reach of your message.


Who we’ve worked for

Churchill Insurance
Directline Insurance
National Insurance and Guarantee
Twist Exhibition Systems
Roast Restaurant

Neville Hair and Beauty
Claudia Bradby
Blyth Hotel – Southwold
Mercure Hotels
Wild at Heart