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Previewing your campaign

This will show you what your campaign will look like on screen and on a mobile. It’s a quick representation, the next steps will walk you through some more thorough testing of your layout.

If you’re using the inbuilt templates then they’re already styled up and created to work perfectly with both mobile and desktop email clients, if you’re using a self created or developed template then you may need to do some more extensive testing which we’ll cover below.

Click ‘return to snapshot’ or if you want to go back and edit click the ‘continue editing’ link at the top.

Campaign Snapshot

This is the summary of your email marketing campaign with some quick links back to edit the bits we’ve already run through.

Just click edit on each section to….edit!

The one new part we haven’t covered yet is the Plain text version.

Some email clients won’t display all your pictures/colours/layout in this instance the fallback will be a text only version. So doublecheck the content in here scans properly, click edit, and amend it if you need too.

Click Define Recipients to add your customers

Who will receive this campaign?

This section is where you add your subscriber list to the campaign. If you haven’t already set up lists (which we’ll cover in a future tutorial) then you can add them directly here.

You can either type them directly into the big box or drag and drop (there’s a lot of that!) an excel or .csv file of your clients email addresses, names and any other field you want to store.


Pay particular attention to the sections on the right when adding to your list.

DO ADD them to your list

  1. They opted in from your site.
  2. They are customers who have purchased a product from you within the last 2 years.
  3. They gave you their email in-person or over the phone knowing you’d contact them.
  4. They completed an offline form and indicated they wanted to be emailed.

DO NOT add them to your list if:

  1. You purchased this list of subscribers.
  2. You haven’t emailed the recipient’s address for more than 2 years.
  3. You obtained the email addresses from a third party.
  4. You scraped or ‘copy and pasted’ the addresses from the Internet.

Seriously pay attention to this part, how frustrated do you get when you receive emails from people who you have never given permission too? It has a negative impact on your brand so it’s really not worth it.

Test and define

This is the final step, testing and defining when you want to send your campaign. Click the big green button.

From the ‘Test your campaign‘ screen you can….test your campaign! Cunningly simple. Put in up to 5 email addresses and click ‘send the test email’. You should receive an email (assuming you’ve put in your own email address) with your campaign.

Check it out, does it look ok? Open it on a mobile too. Make sure the content reads properly all that good stuff. This is the dispassionate part, read this as if you were a customer reading this for the first time, would you click it, would you buy from it etc

Remember you can always go back and edit until you’re happy to send it.

That’s a quick test, at the top you’ll see two options, quick test (send to 5 email addresses) and full test.

The full test gives you the option to do a more thorough test. You can test it against all the major spam filters as well as across a broad spectrum of email clients.

This is useful if your list consists primarily of corporates companies who tend to have rather vigorous firewalls to keep spam/marketing/sales communications out of their infrastructure.

Usually, however, the quick test will do the trick.

Send your campaign

We’re in the home stretch now, the fun bit…sending your campaign.

When you ‘skip the test’ part from the previous section you’ll end up here to send the campaign.

You have two options:

Schedule the campaign

Choose a date and time and set it running, choose the confirmation email and hit ‘Schedule campaign’.

Send the campaign immediately

This will send it…..immediately. Don’t worry there’s another step to confirm so you can be safe in hitting ‘Pay for this Campaign’

Pay for this campaign


Simply fill in your credit card details and hit ‘send this campaign immediately’ it’s that simple.

Queued for delivery


You have two options here:

Launch the worldview – you can watch your campaign going out live across the world, pins will pop up with the location of the customer (literally!) and whether they clicked or opened, unsubscribed etc

See campaign report – this will show you the full report analytics. Who opened, who clicked, who didn’t open, who unsubscribed etc You have a full suite of reports here that you can analyse and dissect.

That about wraps it up, as you can see it’s very straightforward and requires very little design skill as it’s all taken care of for you. Our best advice is to try stuff out, you can’t break anything by clicking options!

If you still need assistance please give one of us a call to discuss further. You can always contact us on

Happy emailing!

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