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Facebook is finally crumbling under the pressure of it’s users to consider the addition of a “Dislike” button to the social networking site (links to the BBC article because we like the BEEB!).

For the 1.5 bazillion Facebook users who have basically been forced to “Like” everything even if it’s negative – funerals, terrorists, general bad stuff, IKEA – CEO Mark Zuckerberg is finally considering offering you an alternative. Accoring to the companies public Q&A session Zuckerberg claims they’re close to shipping it out already.

By the sounds of it they probably won’t call it the “dislike” button, their main goal it seems is to figure out how to let users “express empathy”, Zuckerberg added, in situations where liking a status or photo is inappropriate. So a “Dislike” button is more than likely off the table as it’s not descriptive enough for what Zuckerberg seems to want it to do.

Either way it’s going to be interesting to see how they implement this, we’re a big fan of the ‘Meh’ button where liking or disliking something is just too much effort and a simple shrug and a ‘meh’ is enough!

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