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Quick tip as we spent a while tearing our hair out at what should be a very simple exercise, File > Export Contacts > CSV thankyou….

Well no Apple does it differently, or rather not at all!

So the easiest way to export your contacts to CSV, which you can then use to import into your favourite email marketing software, new email client or into something more useful like a Windows PC (can you tell I’m biased?!)

Open iContacts

Select the first entry in your contact list

Scroll all the way down the bottom to the last one, hold shift and click it.

You should now have all the contacts selected.

Right click and choose save vCard. It’ll ask you where you want to save it, save it somewhere obvious so you can find it easily!

You should now have a file on your desktop (or wheverever you saved it) with a .vcf extension.

Now go here:

Upload your .vcf and click some buttons and it’ll output a CSV file for you.

This service is provided by the University of California on their website, I can’t see as if they’ll do anything nefarious with the data your ultimately processing on their website it’s a pretty basic program and the same program exists on a few other University websites.

If you are concerned about your digital contacts being processed online, then the same tool can be downloaded you can find the download here:

It’ll download a zip file and you’ll need a bit of technical know-how to get it up and running but it’s quite straightforward to use.

Happy converting!


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