This is now our second redesign of the site with the main aim this time round of reflecting the changing face of the business and also to incorporate Cantifix’s new branding. We love the clean look and feel and Cantifix are very happy! We’ve since moved the site onto the ever popular WordPress content management system which was a move to reflect the change in their marketing strategy to a more content rich one.


Our first challenge was managing expectations, we under estimated the hunger, desire and passion for the business to begin with but soon fell in with the way Cantifix operate. Whilst there is a heavy creative flair to everything they do, it’s all with purpose and that’s what we took and delivered into the first iteration of their corporate site (and now the second!) and in turn into their online eCommerce site.

Our Solution

We delivered a corporate site which has evolved to become, currently, more of a showcase of work from it’s original humble origins. An eCommerce store which is swiftly rising up the organic search rankings thanks to our SEO work. A suite of eMail marketing communications which have exposed their client base to the brand moreso than at any time in the past with calculable return.

This is a truly collaborative effort and long may it continue!

Bespoke to Off the Shelf Content Management System

Due to the nature of the business initially an off the shelf CMS was not going to satisfy all the requirements Cantifix had as a business, so we purpose built a CMS instead! Since a change in direction with the way Cantifix are marketing themselves online we moved the site recently to WordPress the ever popular Content Management System.

Email Marketing

We carried the new branding and logos through to Cantifix’s digital marketing too producing a number of email marketing templates that they now manage themselves with, on average, around 30% open rates.

Web Design

Moving away from the old site where it was more a gallery of disconnected projects we ensured that the beautiful work became the star in a more user friendly format.

Responsive Web Design

The final piece of work was ensuring that the site worked as well on mobile devices.

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