4D Projection


Drive Productions produce amazing, blow your mind, creative projections on buildings, cars…basically anything you can project onto bringing traditionally static structures to life in a completely unique and jaw dropping way. Seriously just go and checkout their portfolio it speaks for itself.

Our Solution

With all our clients we never prescribe a solution that fits our goals or internal budgets, we truly weigh up the pros and cons of all approaches and recommend the best solution to fit their business. With Drive budget was one of the primary concerns at the time as their previous site was way over budget and didn’t deliver. So with that in mind but the core purpose being to ‘show off’ the work we opted to take a pre-designed WordPress template and give it a sprinkle of Drive magic.

The result was a site that really drove home what Drive were all about, amazing visuals, incredible projections and a first class work ethic. The traffic to the site has increased exponentially and we’re currently working on international versions of the site for a global audience.


The problem was their old site just didn’t really show off any of this and was hiding away the good stuff behind an inaccessible site

“Working with Matt and Bread Digital is a total pleasure. Matt worked with me to design and produce the Drive Productions website from scratch, he guided me every step of the way whether it was an out of hours panic about google changing their settings, to working round the clock to achieve the result we needed. I couldn’t have had a better introduction into the world of website creation. We are now working together on another website which, if we’re lucky, will be as successful and well-received as the last.”

− Charlotte Field, Marketing & Comms Manager

Responsive Web Design

Due to the nature of the work Drive do a responsive layout was a must, with various amends to the site we’ve had to work hard in maintaining low page load whilst retaining the main purpose of the site which is to show off the awesome video content on the site.

Email Marketing

Combined with their effective social media strategies (great use of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) Drive have embraced email marketing as an effective way of maintaining brand awareness and driving more traffic to the site with bulletin style newsletters.

Javascript & Custom Code

As with all WordPress installations that use ‘off the shelf’ templates the art is in selecting a theme which does most of the work for you, however it’s very unlikely you’ll ever find one that does everything for you. This was the case here and we needed to implement numerous pieces of custom code to get the site to behave exactly how Drive wanted it too!

Collaborative Teamwork

To be honest it’s been a pleasure working with Drive, and continuing to work with them. We have an excellent understanding of their business and are more than happy to react to any and all of their demands, large and small. Working with Charlotte at Drive is never a chore and we’re completely at home batting ideas back and forth giving her all the pro’s and con’s of various approaches to problems and projects!

Drive Productions
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