Roast Restaurant


We’ve now been working with Roast Restaurant for the last 6 years, their original site simply didn’t demonstrate the star of the show – the food and the location so all our design efforts went into bringing that to the fore. After all would you go to a restaurant based on a few words on a page?!


Our initial challenge was in collating the vast array of marketing collateral Roast had and distilling that into a manageable portfolio of assets. Defining their brand, the marketing strategy that sat behind that and allowing us to show this all off in as ‘joined-up’ fashion as possible.

Our Solution

We delivered a truly bespoke and novel design which allowed the excellent photography to shine as well as deliver the relevant content as smoothly as possible with minimal clicks. Together with a strategical email marketing and social media engagement campaign we have seen huge increases in both site traffic and consequently bookings. The engagement with the brand at a social level is also paying dividends and truly strengthening the proposition on and offline.

This is again is a collaborative effort and we work closely with our strategical marketing partners, Legend Engage, as well as the team at Roast to deliver a first class experience.

“What would I do without Matt and his team at Edgeward. Working in a busy environment and with plenty of last minute requests would not be possible without a team like the one at Edgeward. They are always very efficient with their work, so helpful with any requests and very patient! I love their friendly and helpful attitude and Matt is always able to help with any queries I have. He is full of good ideas that work perfect for me and the business.”

− Debora Luzi, Roast Restaurant

Responsive Web Design

Over the past three years we’ve seen the increase in visitors browsing using mobile devices, so with that in mind making the site responsive was one of our first goals in 2012 with a further makeover to the site in 2014 and the addition of the Bar at Roast website.

Email Marketing

Since day one we have advocated the use of email marketing to engage and inform their audience, we have consistently achieved on average 30% open rates and many of our campaigns are responsible for a large % of table bookings throughout the year.

Print collateral

We have worked closely with Roast in ensuring that we carry through the strong branding through both online and offline marketing designing a variety of printed collateral from events and wedding brochures, invitations, loyalty cards through to leaflets and menus.

Collaborative Teamwork

Our success in maintaining and developing our relationship with Roast is wholly down to our insistence on working with the best people in the business, the overall strategy and planning, execution of social media strategy and marketing is delivered by our partners at Legend Engage who bring a wealth of experience to the table. Together with Legend and subsequent marketing companies together with the team at Roast we have delivered a truly joined up experience at an affordable budget.

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