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theblueballroom came to us one cold friday afernoon with a challenge, ‘can you build us an app that allows users to upload photos of their dogs, description etc and then users can vote on their favourites….oh and we need to manage it all from an admin interface…oh and it needs to be delivered by monday’ – of course we said yes!


Facebook was the biggest hurdle we had to overcome as post launch of the application they pulled the app from their page and so began a very busy days coding and re-coding elements to suit their revised policies.

What we did

Managing expectations was the key to the success of this project, the entire way through the project we were working with bluedoor and allowing them to relay information and progress back to their client.

Rapid Delivery

Incredibly short deadlines to build a facebook app to select Britains Next Top Dog Model, a competition run by Mikki Pet supplies a well respected brand in the pet industry.


Theblueballroom, a specialist PR agency, provided us with the challenge of building a full featured facebook application in a weekend for their client!


On launching the app the engagement on the clients facebook page rocketed up from 3 to 4 figure sums in no time at all and the feedback all round has been very positive.

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