Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel

A Boutique Hotel For Cats?!


We were tasked with the challenge of creating a brand, look & feel and content that tore up the rulebook for the Cattery industry. Longcroft Cat Hotel was born and took the world (literally) by storm!

Social Media Win

Using a combination of good old fashioned word of mouth (real social media!) and social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook we managed to get the site featured in the National Press and eventually across the world.

Proud Parents

This site has been one we’re exceptionally proud of and it keeps on suprising us on an almost weekly basis. Everything fell into place the moment we hit on the logo, the rest just followed with the care and expertise the owner puts into her business making it one of the top Catteries in the UK.

“Thank you for all the hard work and long hours in making my dream become a reality. It’s been a pleasure working with you and continuing to work with you as we develop our range further. Always a pleasure to work with and no job seems ever too small or trivial. Stars!!”

– Abi, Founder Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels

The original premise

Longcroft Cat Hotel is a boutique luxury hotel for cats. Comprising 6 individually themed suites (I kid you not!), each with their own heated bedrooms, hand-made wrought iron beds, individual exercise areas, the list goes on and on.

The challenge

Our first challenge was to come up with a brand which epitomised the cattery industry combined with the boutique hotel experience. This was a task in and of itself as the cattery industry had never seen anything like this before, go check out the photos to see what we mean!

Our Solution

We took our inspiration purely from boutique hotels hitting on a look and feel which touched on the fact it was a cattery and played heavily on the luxury with big bold imagery and striking yet simple design. The copy was more personal and welcoming and the overall feel of the site just sat right.

One very happy cattery owner later and we’ve helped launch a business that has gained worldwide appeal (click here if you don’t believe us it’s truly amazing!), though we can’t take all the credit for that we’re just a small part of the success! Not only that the business has had a record year with an outstanding 91% occupancy in it’s first year.

What happened next

Having taken the world, literally, by storm the owner didn’t stop there and has successfully franchised the business. There are currently 8 Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels open with 7 more currently in pre-planning stage and a further 22 in the midst of negotiations and setting up. We’ve recently overhauled the existing site and collateral to ensure that the brand essence is retained but making room for what is now a very busy and successful business!

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