So you’ve been to the seminars, you’ve read all the news and listened to all the gurus and you understand the importance of social media right?!

It doesn’t matter, lets focus on the important stuff. Social Media is  another powerful tool in the marketing toolbox to generate traffic, engagement with customers and as a result of that a sale or interaction with your company.

At Bread we continually strive to stay ahead of the online game with the aim of increasing the perception of your brand as an online digital leader.

Our clients range from those in search of Facebook, Trip Advisor, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter management, blog development, video content, email marketing, online reputation management and of course making your websites shine!

Social Media Management

With no contracts, no minimum period and no set-up fees it all begins with your social media strategy. This provides the route for our expertly crafted posts, customer creating interactions, guaranteed social growth, reputation management and end of month reports.

Starter Social Package
from £99 p/m

  • Management of one social channel
  • 1 post per week
  • 2 relevant re-tweets/shares per week
  • twice weekly follower interaction (favoriting for example)
  • 1 monthly report

So what do I get?

Dedicated Campaign Manager
A real human being to manage your campaigns and feedback on a regular basis.

Expertly Crafted Posts
Through creation of engaging and entertaining content we’ll grow your social channels and interaction to align with you as a brand.

Guaranteed social growth
Whilst our goal is to grow your channels, the main aim is to grow engagement. That’s people interacting with posts and ultimately ending up on your site to buy things or contact you. After all it’s no use having 10,000 followers if only 1 of those talks to you!

Online reputation management
From responding to negative and positive feedback on social channels as well as sites such as Trip Advisor it’s important to understand that your brand is out there for everyone to judge. There is no hiding! We’ll work with you to manage your online reputation.

Human Engagement & Interaction
Yes real human beings, we don’t automate anything, all our social content is generated by humans and delivered by humans!

Creative shareable posts
The key to social is generating content that appeals to your customer base and consequently appeals to their friends/followers/colleagues etc by creating novel shareable content you extend the reach of all of your campaigns beyond your followers