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Have you hit the slump?

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the January workplace is full of people missing the smell of mince pies and turkey sarnies. Here are some reasons and ideas to be motivated at work this January – and no, its not to go on a diet of lettuce.

Team Meetings

A great way to set yourself up for the New Year is to have a meeting about everything you are planning to do in the coming months. A little bit of back patting won’t hurt either!



Mid Afternoon Stroll

Getting away from your desk at lunchtime is really important. Staring at that screen for 8 hours straight is not cool and doesn’t allow you to focus. Get to know the squirrels outside your office rather than turning into one inside it!


Set Achievable Goals

Don’t promise to give the world if you’ve only got an hour. Go easy on yourself and set realistic goals for January. Start as you mean to go on!

reach goals

Have a Chat

Take a 10 minute break once a day to talk about what you did at the weekend or how your Christmas break was. Swamping yourself with work for 8 hours is never fun, plus, studies suggest regular breaks provide the best work.

Two business people talking together at desk - adviser and customer or recruitment

Organise your Work Space

Immerse yourself in the stationary aisles (for matching sets of course) and organise your desk. A clean work space is a clean mind.

organised desk

Home Time is Chill Time

Once the commute is over, wind down. Take a bath, sit in front of the television and drink tea all night, make the most of me time.

chill out home


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